Lynne has been out learning the ropes of telemetry and discovering the challenges. August finished with more wet cold nights and spring arrived to warmer conditions still more rain and then the wind arrived on Radar Hill.

Good news is this month we have been able to locate both kiwi signals weekly from Leigh-Ann and Jamie’s property.

An unexpected joy, the first day of spring arrived with a change of state and Terry is nesting – possibly for the first time. Being a younger male, we did not expect him to incubate an egg this year.

Terry seems to like the gully where he was located in April and this week at Doug’s we picked up his signal loud and strong compared to the much fainter beeps we get from Leigh-Ann and Jamie’s.

Meanwhile Graham is still in the more northerly gully away from his abandoned nest area. And still showing no sign of nesting. We will continue to monitor him.

Terry is still emerging from this nest around sunset. For the last three weeks he has emerged before 6pm (sunset 6:18pm on the day we recorded) and Graham is now emerging just after the sun sinks over the hills in the West. They are back in their burrows nightly – Terry now around 9:30 pm, meanwhile Graham was back in the burrow at 3:30am this week. A complete reverse of the month before!!