Tree Recovery

How Pohutukawa recover from possum Browsing

On December 17th 2011 Monte and Marj went out to the Coastal Pohutakawa on the coast to check for possum browse and photograph them in bloom. This is done every few years since we stopped doing the formal foliar browse study on them. Once the trees get to a certain percentage of leaf coverage and browse is not noticeable, we only keep photographic records of them.

Take a look at the condition of the trees when we first started predator control in this area in 2004. We did not expect all of the trees to survive, and are really pleased with the condition of them now. 2011 was a good year for Pohutakawa flowering and all of these trees still show no sign of possum browse.

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Tree 4 2005 vs 2011

Tree 9 2005 vs 2011

Tree 6 2005 vs 2011

Tree 5 2005 vs 2011

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