Mowing and Clearing in Kiwi Areas

Learn about safely Mowing and Clearing in Kiwi Areas

Kiwis hide in areas of long-rank grass (especially Kikuyu), scrub, gorse and pampas, areas often targeted for mowing and clearing. Keep Kiwi safe by careful changes to their habitat.
Before mowing or clearing, please consider the following:
  • Pick the time of year carefully.
  • Nesting is from August to Marchand males will not readily move as they protect their eggs.
  • Chicks may be present from September – November or January – March.
  • Young adults are frequently found in rougher areas as adults protect their territories.
  • Do you need to mow?
  • Could the area be planted into the gorse, grass or scrub instead to preserve habitat?
  • Spray or use a scrub bar through the area first to allow kiwi time to move to a new habitat before tractor mowing. Working backwards will prevent a kiwi from being injured by the scrub bar.
  • Where mowing is necessary, mow strips or the perimeter slowly move inwards on progressive days, allowing kiwi time to move to a new habitat.
  • If mowing with heavy machinery or all in one session, or where no suitable relocation habitat is close, consider using a kiwi dog and handler to clear any kiwi before mowing begins.
  • Please do not burn areas to clear them Kiwis burn.

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