Our Work

Learn about the Mahinepua Radar Hill Landcare Group and how we can help you.

Our Work

What do we do?

Protect and enhance the habitat of native flora and fauna (especially Kiwi and Kukupa) within the Mahinepua and Tauranga Bay catchments by eliminating/controlling the population of introduced plants and animals.

Pest and predator species specifically targeted include mustelids (stoats, weasels and ferrets), possums, feral cats, and rodents (rats and mice).

We raise awareness through education, work with children, have market stalls, liaise with other groups and run Kiwi Aversion Training for Dogs (KATS).

Signs to promote awareness are along the road, at Radar Hill lookout, and at entry points to the bush and public walkways.

We have planted pohutukawa along the length of Wainui Road.

Kiwi, our indicator species, are monitored through the;

  • Kiwi Call Count in mid-winter.
  • Two male kiwi wear tracking transmitters.
  • A video camera records their nests for improved data collection.
  • A Kiwi Tracker Dog with certified kiwi handler Lesley Baigent is used to health check monitored kiwi.

The comprehensive work plan for the 1800-hectare project is available on request – Contact Us.


Population surveys and Kiwi Call Count show the kiwi population is growing thanks to the group’s predator control efforts.

The two birds wearing transmitters provide Far North Landcare Groups and DOC with vital information about how kiwi cope with climate events and changes.

Working together fosters community identity based on collaboration and a shared appreciation of local biodiversity.

How can we help you?

Help with pest plant & animal control by;

  • Supplying traps & toxins (and associated
    advice from our professional trapper)
  • Removing large predators caught in your
    traps (possums, stoats)
  • Coordinating trapping efforts across multiple properties
  • Advising on pest plant management & re-vegetation
  • Joint sourcing of native plants
  • Connect you to our local kiwi – our kiwi numbers are increasing. We now have more than 100 kiwi identified
  • Connect you to your local community – you don’t need to live here full-time to be involved

How can you help us?

We appreciate your participation;

  • Organized events
  • Kiwi monitoring & listening
  • Rat knockdowns
  • Pest plant control
  • Trap & trap-line maintenance
  • Record your self-directed trapping hours and results (critical to our fundraising effort)

Running the group -we have broad needs;

  • Administration, Fundraising, Accounting, Data analysis
  • Bushcraft, Technology (video surveillance & radio tracking)
  • Advocacy (public event management & community communication).

What qualifications do I need?

  • A shared love for our environment and community.
  • Please let us know if you can help or have any suggestions – Contact Us.

How we can help

Our Landcare Group offers a range of services to members. If you have a unique request, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Support for Private Trapping

We provide Training, Expert Advice, and Supplies to assist your private trapping efforts.

Request Support

Professional Trapping

We employ a professional trapper to maintain trap lines and log kills. We can arrange for the trapper to access your property also.

Native bush regeneration

The birds appreciate our efforts, and so do the trees!

See Regeneration in action